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Archive for February, 2011


Fatherly advice

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

My parents like to send me letters. I did enjoy the article my dad recently sent from US News and World Report “10 Tips for Living to 100″

Of course, we need to accept that none of us can control the inevitable and when this will happen, but hey, why not try?

1) “Don’t retire”-Check. I plan on working until my one of my daughter’s takes over, if they desire to do so, or they are out in the working world. I have a long way to go! Let’s hope I stay healthy enough to do so, so let’s read on…
2) “Floss every day”-Semi-Check. I have been better at this since getting my teeth worked on lately
3) “Move around”-Check. With 2 toddlers and a busy practice, no problem, but I do need to find time to exercise
4) “Eat a fiber-rich cereal for breakfast”
-Semi-check-I can’t do oatmeal every day. I like my Peanut Butter Bumpers, toast, toaster waffles and weekend lox sandwiches from Juniors.
5) “Get at least six hours of shut eye”-Check. I am not a likeable person otherwise and this is half the reason I am a dermatologist
6) “Consume whole foods not supplements”-Check. I’m a terrible pill taker

7) “Be less neurotic”-Semi-check. Is this possible in LA? At least I am conscious of my neuroses.

8) “Be a creature of habit” (keep a regular routine)-Check. My kids won’t let me oversleep
9) “Live like a seventh-day adventist” (no smoking, alcohol, or overindulge in sweets-what about caffeine?) Semi-check. I love my tea and coffee
10) “Stay connected”-Semi-check. Toddler class and Facebook have been great for this but I need to make more of an effort in LA compared to anywhere else I’ve lived

How are you doing on this?

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Pomegranate Power!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Eat your pomegranates (or your Pom Juice)! There was a very interesting article I read with solid basic science about the antioxidant benefits of pomegranates. Topically you can find it in Verdure Rejuvenating Masque Peel which is great for acne-prone and aging skin

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Best dermatologists in LA

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The January 2011 issue of Los Angeles magazine came out with the list of peer nominated best dermatologists in Los Angeles. Thank you to my colleagues for entrusting me in the care of their patients!

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