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Archive for September, 2012


Hair loss and Vitamin D

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

There was a very interesting discovery recently in the dermatology world about the role of Vitamin D and hair loss which was published in the Wall Street Journal this week. Vit D may play a role in waking up dormant hair follicles. Maybe not the holy grail, but certainly interesting.

The first things to check out are your thyroid, iron deficiency, medications, radical diets and stressors. I often have patients who ask about hair loss as a “by the way” question. It is just so common. I know I personally lost a ton of hair in the past 5 years from forgetting to take my thyroid meds, stress. Most women don’t really need to worry unless they see a widening part. Unfortunately, not much we can do about it yet.

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First Day of School

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

We survived the first day of preschool. Didi knew what was up and kept holding onto me, but I managed to escape within 5 minutes. A box of community helper dolls and having her sister helped, not to mention the great teachers! Funnily enough, I had the pleasure of running into an old patient. I looked at her, heard her voice and knew I knew her from somewhere! Nice surprise! there are 3 sets of twins in our class also!

This experience was so different from what I remember. My mom took me to pre-kindergarten or something like that. I remember we were late arriving and all of these kids (I mean it looked like 50 kids, I’m sure it was only 20) were sitting and all talking to each other. I remember standing at the side of the room, being in a panic and crying. I didn’t understand how they all knew each other and I had never been thrown into a group like that. There was one other girl crying also. My mom shook me off of her and left and didn’t look back. All I remember is the teacher consoling me and after drawing with crayons I was fine. I have had many bad first childhood experiences (first time swimming, camping, skiing and horseback riding-all comical now, traumatic at the time!), but I’m happy that my suffering has led me to make sure we don’t repeat this into another generation!

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