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Archive for July, 2013


Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

This is Mommy, Signed Amelie aka Klimt

VIDEO: PRACTICING THE PAGEANT WAVE, CLICK HEREMy girls had a wonderful birthday party again. So glad that many of their friends from school and beyond were able to make it. Mom worked hard on the party. I even made the skyline in the background after a full day of surgery. I would love to live in the Michael’s store if I had a chance, but alas, that is another life. Mom and her best friend wrapped 56 water bottles in Spiderman duct tape and went a little crazy on Etsy. I’m sure my kids will have no recollection or appreciation for this when they get older.

Thank you for putting up with my annual pilgrimage to San Diego for teaching skin cancer reconstruction. It was nice to meet doctors from Europe and the US, as well as getting some fresher air down there. We enjoyed our first trip to Legoland and the new Legoland Hotel. It comes with a disco in the elevator. I’d give the food a solid B, service very friendly, a little confused, but friendly. The highlight of my trip was a Tony Hawk sighting at dinner in Carlsbad while chowing down on Maine lobster and oysters, and seeing my cousin and his family with my parents, whom I flew out to join us. Too bad Didi was too young to appreciate that he was sitting right next to us. She is constantly asking me about skateboards.

I will not be leaving town as far as I know until early September, though a brief trip may happen in August. It has been a busy time, so please plan accordingly! Looking forward to my trip to NYC right after Labor Day ALL BY MYSELF!!! I love to travel by myself, but unfortunately, I have gotten more and more chicken as I get older. My social calender is already full and I can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee from one of those street stands and pound the pavement and re-explore all the old neighborhoods at my own pace. I have been working really hard this summer, so I am looking forward to a little indulgence of time for myself. Cannot believe I have only been there once since I left in ‘98. I will look forward to all of your NYC tips. First stop will be Ess-A-Bagel for the whitefish salad!

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