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Archive for August, 2013


To freeze or not to freeze?

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Freezing precancers, or actinic keratoses, is a standard treatment. However, if the lesion recurs, it is important to go back to your dermatologist to reexamine the area. Usually it is best to go straight to a biopsy at that point. Some of the worst cases I see in my office are lesions that have been frozen multiple times. My record setting celeb had this scenario. It is even worse when patients bounce from dermatologist to dermatologist since there is no continuity of care.

Looking forward to going home tonight. A late night in the office on a Friday night. Still here at 10 PM, my poor girls only got to talk to me tonight by phone. Why? Because I have to play chauffeur. It was almost comical having Doc B call us here in Pasadena. I want him to get a new car and predicted his car would die out one day on the highway and one of us would have to come rescue him. I didn’t realize my prophecy would come true in just a few weeks. Luckily our new fellow drove into the ‘hood to pick him up as I was in the middle of a big reconstruction. All men should listen to me. I am wise….

Prayers to my patient who came down with ALS. She told me on her Ipad that she loved me as she cannot walk or talk or eat anymore. We hugged.

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