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Archive for February, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

I read in the Daily Mail UK that most women want a juicer, and for men to take out the garbage, more than any gift. Did they put a bug in my house? I asked for no Tiffany’s for Xmas, just a VitaMix, and no flowers for Valentine’s Day. I got both the gifts for Xmas and flowers at the office. The funniest part was that I assumed the flowers were not for me. My patients insisted that they saw the delivery guy at the reception window call out my name. Those dozen pretty pink roses were indeed for me. When I asked later where he got them, I found they were from aaHs! If you don’t know what aaHs! is it’s a LA store where you get gag gifts.
Me: “They deliver flowers?”
RGB: “No, the girls at UCLA this morning insisted that you would want them delivered. So I had Marty go up to the window.”
Me: “Waaah?” (Marty is our assistant).

Well, it beats the years sending my nanny out to Rite Aid (complete with $12.99 price tag attached) and the missing delivery from the now defunct Conroy’s. I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

Really, taking out the garbage is the way to my heart. Flowers are only romantic when they are unexpected. Put the $100 (or in this case $25) in my account (I know, so immigrant mentality). That Vitamix is still just sitting there, and the Tiffany necklace is around my neck, so perhaps it is all a wash!

I really do miss the days of wearing all black with my single friends! I could do a Bridget Jones, Singles, Love Actually, Wedding Planner marathon at any time. But the best part of VDay is getting homemade cards from your kids. Priceless!

Today was a very busy day! There were no shortage of patients looking for help from me! That also was endearing and priceless! I was busy helping not only with skin cancers but a rare case of vulvar syringomas. I wasn’t expecting my blog to help someone this fast, let alone in LA. It is motivating me to finish my paper and present to the American College of Ob Gyns.

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Disneyland Fun

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

I took one day off last week to take the girls to Disneyland for the first time. We had a good time. Anna and Elsa from Frozen were the big attraction and had a 3-4 hour wait. Needless to say, we did not wait. We did see them in passing! So if you want to see them, make sure you go straight ahead (even run!) to Fantasyland, towards the left hand side near the Village Haus restaurant, preferably on a non-Magic Morning day as early as possible. Of course, going VIP would be the best route, but that requires a lot of cash and people willing to splurge on this. The funniest thing is watching grown adults without kids in line for the princesses (?!).

The character breakfast was fun for the girls, the food was definitely a C, complete with dirty silverware and sticky tables, but oh well! The look on Amelie’s face waving to the parade is so priceless! I almost cried watching her. Her sister watched the video later and made fun of her asking, “Why were you waving to everyone?”

Other rides worth it were the Buzz Lightyear ride and Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Railroad and Pixie Hollow were closed the day we went. I hear Mickey’s Magic Map is a good show, but we didn’t have time or energy! I must say, they need to have more male characters for the boys. What is up with that?

I can see how this Disneyland thing can get quite addicting. In fact, one of my patient’s told me about a free great app called “Mouse Addict” which gives approximate wait times. It comes in handy.


Let's be clear, I'm Dale, not Chip!

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Itraconazole for basal cell cancer

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

A study out from Stanford suggests that use of an oral antifungal drug called itraconazole may shrink basal cell cancers up to 24%. Unfortunately, not a complete home run, but interesting, nonetheless.

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