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Archive for December, 2014


Nail fungus and lasers

Monday, December 1st, 2014

A number of patients have brought in ads regarding nail fungus and lasers. Recent studies are mixed and inconsistent enough to recommend a wait and watch approach. There are several different lasers utilized for this purpose. However, if anyone wants to try it, realizes there will be a fee not covered by insurance, realizes that it may take multiple treatments, and that it may not work-please feel free to discuss this with me! It does make some sense that the heat generated by the lasers or the microscopic holes would increase penetration of topical medicines (which is the main reason they only contain but do not cure fungal nails). As for the brand name expensive topical medicines offered, the statistical success rate is terrible (4-20%). There are compounded medicines offered (may not be covered by insurance) that my patients have used with some success. Oral medicines still have the best cure rate, but have some rare but serious risks. Repeat treatments may be necessary, blood tests are required and the pills are expensive if not covered. That being said, they can work.

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