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Archive for January, 2015


Fraxel in the New Year

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

It’s been so long, I temporarily forgot my password! I will soon post photos of my own fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatment. I made Dr. Bennett laser my face which led to some interesting observations and hysterical drawings from our kids who peeked in on the procedure. Luckily this laser is visible light and doesn’t pose any problems as long as it’s not aimed at an open eye!

I had done one of my patients of mine the day before, and we commiserated in our week downtime during my home visit to her. I didn’t let it stop me from running errands-I just wore huge sunglasses and a floppy hat, and put it out there.

More than 95% of my brown spots and pigmentation sloughed off and my skin is definitely more taut. I already receive compliments on my skin a lot, probably because I have used alpha hydroxy acid products, including from my own brand Verdure, since my mid 20’s. It looks so good right now, and I am excited that I will continue to build collagen over the next six months. Living in California, however, poses a huge challenge in maintaining these results, so it’s kind of like going to the dentist. Being better about sun protection is like improving flossing habits-it takes work to motivate yourself. Age-wise, I am crossing over into Retin-A territory, but it is unlikely my sensitive skin will be able to handle it daily.

It has been a hectic Xmas break. I am very sad we lost our 16 year old cat Lucy over the holidays. She was a rescue and was the most loving cat. My kids and I are combing the shelters trying to find a new one, but no one quite matches up yet. My good friend reminded me that the cat goes way back with me-she helped me through a lot. Even people who don’t like cats always told me how much they liked her. My big dog is moping around. It was so cute when they would lick each other. Wish us luck!

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