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Archive for March, 2015


Thank you for allowing me to go skiing!

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Thanks for letting me enjoy a week’s vacation. I returned from Deer Valley. Here’s my advice for intermediate to advanced intermediate skiers-but disclosure-skiing is a potentially dangerous and deadly sport-know your abilities.

As a good warm up-my new favorite is Blue Bell off Silver Strike. Much more fun and relaxing than Success. Next go to Northside Express and try Hawkeye and Lost Boulder. Notching up in difficulty is Hidden Treasure off Quincy, and the runs off Sterling Express-definitely more steep. If you can handle those, most likely you might handle Solid Muldoon (I did much better than a couple years ago) and Big Stick, the double blue, which I did not find any different than Solid Muldoon. Finally, if powder skiing is your next challenge, Supreme off Lady Morgan is definitely a change. I wish someone were with me-I fell backwards and slid about 15 feet the first time. I made myself go down it three more times. Thankfully no unwitnessed falls off a cliff! This run is usually good in the morning. And if you want to attempt baby moguls-at the very bottom of Hidden Treasure you can cut to the left and try a small run of these. This is where I sprained my right thumb slightly, but don’t worry, I’m absolutely fine now!

Remember to bring some singles for the locker tokens and if you are at least a Platinum Amex member, there is an Amex Centurion lounge next to the Empire Canyon Lodge-this was a really pleasant surprise with Starbucks, water, soda, nuts, popcorn, charging stations, good music and afternoon cocktails. They can look you up if you don’t have your card on you.

Thank you to Deer Valley Ski School for taking my girls up to the top of the mountain and teaching them to be real skiers. They finally love it and I can’t believe they skied down 2000 feet! Now one wants to be a ski teacher and one wants to move to Park City! I am looking forward to going down the runs with them within a year or two.

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