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BMW stuck trunk

Monday, January 28th, 2013

I am surprised to find out how many people read my blog. (I don’t read comments because I am flooded with spam, so I apologize for anyone who has tried.) Sometimes I feel like I am talking to my imaginary friend, “Hello, Snuffleupagus!”

Tell all your friends who own a BMW to always make sure that nothing gets caught in the “soft close” trunk mechanism. My daughter’s backpack strap got caught and my trunk would not open with the key. I had to climb into the trunk, lift up the floor and couldn’t manage to figure out how to manually open the trunk. The diagram is useless in the manual. Even the AAA guy could only manage to remove the jack (we couldn’t even get that far). I read somewhere that it takes 3 people sitting on the trunk while someone else presses some lever.

I took it to the dealer the next morning and they got it open and say it is a common problem. While I like my dealer (where else can I catch up with Billboard and Black Ink magazines?), I managed to pay for an hour of labor and of course, wandered into their parts dept where I managed to spend more on cute clothes while waiting. I always see an analogy between being a medical doctor and an auto mechanic. The average person is clueless about their health/car and you are kind of at their mercy. You rely on their expertise (and hope they have it and do a good job) all while hoping they have your best interests in mind and charge you fairly. You wait in their waiting room while you stare at your phone and magazines, which seems like forever.

Bottom line is help a friend from experiencing this aggravation! As Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow and Schticky guy, says, “You know those Germans, they make good stuff!” Well, most of the time.

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