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Expert in lumps and bumps

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Have been doing surgery on many a lump and bump lately.

Cysts are sacs of skin trapped underneath the skin, often starting from a pimple which gets out of hand (the follicle dilates), an ingrown hair, or simple bad luck. Sometimes they can leak and smell putrid (believe me, my nurses and lab techs love me now!).

Though there is nothing wrong with leaving them alone, sometimes they get bigger to the point of annoyance, get infected or inflamed. The insurance companies will only consider covering their removal if we are in those types of scenarios.

Do not squeeze them, you’ll just ask yourself to have a stinky mess or they can get worse. You cannot just drain them either-the sac is still there and will just reaccumulate.

Successful removal includes complete removal of the sac. I’ve operated on many a cyst which were unsuccessfully removed by others.

It’s like delivering a baby, trying to get it out of a small hole! Most of the time, the scar is smaller than the cyst itself due to careful technique.

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