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Back from Utah!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Thank you for allowing me to take a week off! It was fun, though not very relaxing (taking care of 6.5 year old twins all by myself for 6 days-am I crazy?)

The weather was perfect. 40-50 degrees and it snowed every day. We secured a fabulous convenient condo two blocks to Deer Valley and I hope to stay there again-let me know if you want the referral. One of my daughters wanted to try snowboarding, so we went to Park City Resort-had not been in 21 years since I was an intern in Seattle when I took a trip by myself around April (and remember the slush). Taken over by Vail Resorts, the prices are steep and the service and facilities did not match up. It took an hour to get skis compared to no wait at DV, so definitely consider renting from one of the many shops on site in the mall or use one of the ski butler services. However, the ski conditions were great and the ski school for kids was also good.

However, nothing compares to Deer Valley when it came to service. I must say they have some of the KINDEST employees on the planet. Maybe it is their age/maturity, but these elderly sweethearts went the extra mile to carry all of our skis up to storage, to look for my kid’s gloves when she forgot them at school, and took the trouble to find us downstairs eating yogurt. They have a true love for the sport, the resort, and just want you to have a good time (and they take pity on moms who are by themselves schlepping all the equipment around!). The soup and salads are great at Empire Canyon Lodge as well. For the non-skiers, it’s just behind the Montage and can be reached by car.

I had an amusing time with all the powder this year. I’m a horrible powder skier and got a little too confident after making it down a run I had trouble with last year. For the record, double blue, such as Orion, at DV can mean super steep moguls. I could be wrong, but in Colorado those are always black. I know my limitations and took off my skis and had a peaceful, though exhausting walk through the trees back to Supreme-I had fantasies of some guy coming to my rescue and carrying my skis! (This actually happened once in a back bowl at Vail). I need to either take lessons or just keep being a groomer girl. You can weigh in next time you see me, but given what I do for a living, please talk me out of my inherent drive to go down difficult runs!

The trip was capped off by a new kiddie snowmobiling feature at Gorgoza Park, the best children’s book and clothing store I’ve ever been to (Children’s Hour in SLC-absolutely a must for moms and grandmas-unique stuff from Europe), and the fabulous young guy who works at Pei Wei at the airport who made my month by telling me “You’re very pretty!” when I was just meaning to order some beef with broccoli kiddie meals. OK, before you think he was trying to hit on me-he’s gay and that makes it all the more lovely. I would’ve liked to have stolen him for a personal assistant/yes man at that very moment had I had the option!

I have a new look-been rocking my glasses a lot lately, cut my hair and continue to maintain my skin with my own products. So exhausted lately, not wearing eye makeup, and somehow everyone says I look like a kid (?!). I take a lot of inspiration from some of my patients, who are 77-92 years young-these amazing women have wonderful energy, are funny and have great fashion sense. You know who you are-my heroes!

It’s been very busy in the office. Surprising since it’s April and if you look at the restaurants in LA lately, they are pretty darn empty. I’ll be taking about a week a month off every month until the end of the year (except maybe September), so please call and plan ahead so you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks also to the kind patients who have lifted me up into the Top 10 Santa Monica dermatologists on Yelp. I think Yelp is an awful concept for professional services, but I will take it!

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Back from Vacation! Lindsay Vonn, I am not…

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Apres ski, toddler style


Naughty girl :(

I made it back in one piece from Deer Valley! We had a great time overall, however I hadn’t been skiing for at least 7-8 years (last trip to Vail/Beaver Creek with my derm friend). Needless to say, I was quite rusty and even the bunny hill scared me the first day. It didn’t help that the next green run was really blue in parts and though DV bans snowboarders, a reckless skier plowed me down on Success (a green run) on my first day. Luckily I was OK, though I hit the ground so hard my ski popped off and my head hurt. The perpetrator did not apologize (for which I told him off) and luckily a good samaritan/witness asked me if I wanted to turn him into ski patrol. I let it go. I think I was the only person I saw getting remotely angry in all of Utah the entire time I was there!

I finally got my groove back the next day after some fresh powder came down, but got a little too confident when I went down Solid Muldoon, a blue trail that I swear would be called double blue at other resorts. I literally was looking down a cliff at the end and had to take a photo as I was so proud of myself for making it down (well I had no choice, I was by myself!). It doesn’t look as daunting in the photo as it did in person!

Though 4 friends of mine had just returned from DV, none of them could give me any advice on the better blue cruisers at DV, so here goes: Hawkeye, Lost Boulder, Hidden Treasure (my favorite). Turns out I later found out Solid Muldoon is the steepest blue next to the double blue trails. The service was great there and it was a fabulous mountain. The Children’s Ski School was great. Just so glad I am an intermediate skier already. I would not recommend DV for beginners even though they have great instructors. I remember Park City resort, which I visited 18 years ago, was much more tame. Basically I’ve concluded I’m a Beaver Creek girl! Can’t afford to fall and hurt myself anymore! Poor Doc B, he would not listen to me and of course, fell off the chairlift. I pleaded with him to not go down Success and he did anyway with his son. As usual, he admitted I was right! It was also a treat because even another friend of mine was staying in DV the same week (albeit at the Montage!) and I got to see her and her family. Then we came back and found out a patient of ours was there the same week and I probably skied right next to his condo! Click on the link below the blog title for some tubing fun! (sorry for the formatting problem!). If you want to see me go down Roamer as the world’s most slow and cautious skier (Lloyd’s of London, I need R arm insurance!) click on the other link.

I love the picture of Didi. She reminds me of the adorable snowboarder Louie Vito, from the last Winter Olympics!

My poor dog ran out of the house Sunday and got hit by a car. Well, at least all we know is she has a hairline fracture of her back paw. Poor Gigi! My fault for leaving the door open. We’re lucky it wasn’t worse.

It has been a busy time in the office. I’ve seen a lot of patients who have not been back for years. Or have left me and come back (just like my ex-boyfriends, haha JK. Actually, not!). Happy to be back to stamping out skin cancer where I can!

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