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Time for laser hair removal?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Fall and winter are the ideal times to get laser hair removal because you won’t be exposing the areas to the sun. Usually you’ll start to see prolonged and reduced hair removal by month 3, but depending on the patient it can take 5-7 or more treatments to see a substantial reduction. Hair will be less dense, thinner, softer, and hopefully a lot will be gone. It depends on your genetics. Armpit and bikini hair goes away very easily, whereas peach-fuzz type hair on the sides of the face or upper lip can be more stubborn. Men can get hair removal too-back, chest, shoulders, ears. Only grey and blonde hairs generally do not respond. Underlying hormone issues, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, can also make regrowth more stubborn. How painful is it? Armpits and face-not so painful at all. Bikini hair and men’s backs tend to be the most sensitive, but we can prescribe numbing cream for this after your first consult. We generally perform this on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, but can perform it on other days with special arrangements.

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