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Hello from Colorado!

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Thank you for letting me go on vacation! I have my happy place and it is called skiing. My family enjoyed a great trip to Beaver Creek in Colorado. My first day started off with some altitude sickness. I threw up 4 times, then I felt great! I had a similar experience in Macchu Picchu. I’ve been to this area many years ago but I stayed at a lower elevation. All I can say is thankfully all I had was water that morning.

I had conversations with a lot of interesting people here from all over the world on the chairlifts: a bunch of lawyers (including a medical malpractice lawyer-defense side), Midwesterners like me, including an African American ski group, Texans, locals, and I heard accents and languages from all over. I equate skiing with what Burning Man is like, or so I hear. People are happy, civilized, generous and caring. We all can get along, can’t we?

Luckily, I came back in one piece, despite the fact that I challenged myself on a couple black diamonds. I’ve only tried one extremely short one before at Northstar. I think I can say “been there, done that.” It’s like running a marathon (which I’ve never done). It’s nice to say that you’ve done it, but it wasn’t fun and a couple is enough! Sweaty palms and the fight or flight mode are not exactly worth it for me. The lawyer was talking about how it would be a bad idea to go down a black diamond alone. That was after I had already done it, and I did it again. One of them asked, “Do you do surgeries?”

My blog has been a popular resource for intermediate skiers for Deer Valley, so here are my recommendations for Beaver Creek. Supposedly, the runs in Bachelor Gulch are simpler, but have more crowded lift lines. None of the blues on the main mountain are easy blues in my opinion. The greens up high are better to warm up on than the bunny hill, which was quite icy. Blues that are high intermediate include Latigo, Gold Dust and Larkspur Bowl. They are quite steep in places and not all that relaxing, but they are all great in parts. The easy black diamonds (easy because I survived) were Helmut’s and Centennial. The blues beneath the Centennial chair which include Centennial and 1876, are also quite steep, as is Redtail. You can only get to Larkspur Bowl via Redtail, so you kind of have to get up the courage to get down there to the lift. The nice thing is that this resort is so groomed, that it makes it more manageable. I would get acquainted with how to ski in powder, because that came up in Larkspur Bowl and Paintbrush. I quickly You Tubed a one minute tip from a Steamboat instructor which reminded to make big C’s rather than S’s and weight your feet equally. That definitely helped. I have a video below which you can click on of what I think is a tamer part of the Centennial run. So beautiful. The trails are so wide you have lots of room for yourself which is not common at so many resorts.

Vail Resorts has an interesting app to keep track of your entire families accomplishments. It is pretty cute. I apparently skied the equivalent of Mt Everest. I actually covered much more elevation than that because they only scanned my badge at certain lifts. It also keeps all the pics that they took of your family with the opportunity to download them for a small fee.

Another nice thing about this resort is it is geared for families and kids. They give out really good chocolate chip cookies to everyone, including adults, at 3 PM, free hot cocoa in the morning, free postcards to send anywhere in the world, not bad! Of course, you pay for this in the end. it is probably one of the most expensive resorts in North America ($136 a lift ticket), but for an extra $30 a day, I will take it! if you buy the lift tix ahead you can get a much better deal. People aren’t showy and flashy here, which I love. My kids built their first snowman (which was about 12 inches tall because the snow was not good for packing) and saw their first creek. Dinner reservations or going early is a must. There are few restaurants here in proportion to how many people ski here.

I used one our last Verdure sunscreens on my family, and we didn’t get burned although we only applied once. A lot of you have asked when it will be available again. We are hoping for late summer. Thanks for your patience!

Also, don’t forget to protect those lips! One of my chairlift riders had already burned hers the day before! BTW, Dr. B has a Bowen’s Disease (Squamous cell carcinoma in-situ) on his temple. We are not immune! He is the worst patient. Listening to us during the biopsy last week was like a Marx brothers episode. He also ran into a colleague of ours in the hallway of our hotel! Small world!

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