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Are you wearing your hat these days? And the Two Degrees of Dr. Richard Bennett and Elisabeth Shim

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Kudos to Dominic Purcell for showing how it is done:
This is how it's done

A little over a year ago, Dr. Bennett was mentioned twice in the international news, the Daily Mail UK, for his work with two actors on network TV. They wanted to show everyone how skin cancer is so common. Today I found out I took care of a teacher at our daughters’ school over a decade ago. How’s that for Back to School Night? I even found a basal cell cancer on Santa Claus! (OK I can’t tell you the details on this one, but trust me, it’s true!) Everyone in LA is 1 or 2 steps removed from our office, I think. It’s better than Kevin Bacon! But Kevin can win this contest if we all make better use of our hats, zinc oxide-based sunscreens and our local dermatologist to screen us for precancers before they need us.

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Beware of the BBQ

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Did you know that aerosol sunscreens are flammable? It’s tempting to use them in the hot summer but they can lead to serious burns. If you do use one realize that they are also harmful to inhale. Always check for water resistance also, since it gets hot in the summer, some sunscreens do not have the ability to protect well after sweating or swimming. As you already know, I have a bias towards zinc oxide suncreens, such as the one from my company Verdure. In any case, sprays can be useful for hairy areas and for quick protection. Realize though that your skin is absorbing all of those chemicals through the skin, both the sunscreen ingredients as well as the inactive ingredients.

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I guess I’ve made it

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Upon checking up on Verdure Botanoceuticals Skin Care on Google, I came across “Verdure Care” from India. There’s a whole line of skin care products! At first I was enraged, then i just laughed. Kind of like how a female celebrity might find a fake nude photo of themselves on the internet. I just came across a story in Bloomberg BusinessWeek about piracy of beauty care in India. There are lots of look-alike, sound-alike knockoffs of Procter and Gamble products with millions of dollars of losses to their brands. Lil’ ole’ me couldn’t afford to trademark my brand in India, though it is protected in Canada, the EU and Australia. For now, I will just consider it flattering. I compliment Bloomberg BusinessWeek for its timely, useful and interesting stories! Every time I cancel my subscription, I find another reason why I should renew!

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