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Happy Holidays!

With Santa at the Grove

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I survived 5 days with the girls on a trip to Chicago by myself, I wasn’t sure I could do it. Thankfully my mom cooked the entire time, with the exception of the sweet potatoes which I think I have down now. She had homemade kimchi ready for me and I think I consumed an entire Napa cabbage by the time the week was over. I love Thanksgiving! I must have changed nearly 100 diapers and I became “that mom” on the plane ride back. I miss my parents and hometown but it was nice to come back to 80 degree weather.

The holidays are a busy time in the office, so if you are thinking of coming in, it is best to call early as I will not be in the office between Xmas and New Years. Then again, if you are planning for anything with downtime (lasers, biopsies, surgeries, freezings) or you are traveling, you might want to put it off until January.

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