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Long time, no blog

It has been a jam packed few weeks. Flew to Chicago for my dad’s hip replacement and am relieved he is doing well. He now calls himself “The Titanium Man” and we are looking forward to his knee replacement this spring. If only he would have listened to me 10 years ago (or course, all men should listen to my wise advice!). Thanks to Dr. Alexander Gordon and the staff at Skokie Hospital and Glenview Terrace!

I apologize in advance to anyone having difficulty getting in before the end of December. I won’t be in the office between Xmas and New Year’s and I have switched all Thurs PM appts to AM to volunteer in my kids’ class at preschool this month. I had a blast doing yoga with Teresa Power and the kids (check out her amazing book The ABC’s of Yoga for Kids). Next week it’s cooking Bi Bim Bap, and finally the school Xmas party and cookie decorating at the Hotel Bel Air with friends. I am also scheduling myself for my own cosmetic procedures so I too will be hiding out that week. I promise next year to not cram in all the volunteering in the same month, esp in December! I know the feeling of running around to doctor’s appointments. Between my dad, my dog, my cat, my daughter, getting my wisdom teeth yanked, my Ob Gyn, mammo and having my own cosmetic procedures, December is proving to be a Dr. filled month for me as well!

Will be posting my girls’ school pics soon which came out absolutely adorable. The computer I usually post from has a virus, so it won’t be until next week. We have now become regulars at Chuck E. Cheese in Torrance and Inglewood, which we have dubbed “Vegas for Kids” a glitzy, tacky, yet addicting and fun experience where you feel like taking a shower and swimming in hand sanitizer after leaving. I can talk game strategy and look forward to a glimpse of Chuck. As one parent pointed out to me, they used to serve beer there until somewhere some parents broke out into a fight. They really do need some relief for the parents there, like maybe earplugs or scalp massages? One of my aunts was horrified to find out I clean my own house. If only she saw me hanging out at the Ticket Muncher machine!

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