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Scheduling mayhem

Sorry for the inconvenience of rescheduling. My loyal and reliable lab tech got called in for jury duty and just our luck he was selected (with the current rate of unemployment, couldn’t they have picked someone else?). He didn’t take my advice and bring Guns and Ammo magazine with him-a tip I got from my late co-resident Bill Carey. Bill was quite a character. I still picture him leaning at 20 degrees forward (he was always on the go), short sleeve buttondown, tie and briefcase (who carries a briefcase in their 20’s?). Totally politically incorrect, only ate meat and “pah-tay-tas” and really funny. He annoyed and intimidated me a bit when I first met him, but he really was a good guy. He introduced me to the internet and email way back when and drove me all the way out to NJ from NYC to Best Buy to buy my computer. I hope he is proud of me now blogging away. Anyhoo, I digress. It is going to be a little busier than normal on certain days due to the overflow but hopefully we will make it look seamless (my jogging in between rooms seems to help).

Hope to see some of you out Xmas/Hanukkah shopping. I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my patients call out my name in the Century City parking lot yesterday. Just look for the frazzled Asian mom with two moppets in tow!

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