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What I did on my summer vacation

Dress from ? Barneys New York, shoes by Varda


Thank you for putting up with my absence over Labor Day. I had a wonderful time visiting Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore and NYC.

In Philadelphia, I got to see one of my old best friends. It was really hard to leave her. Then our family headed down to the Jersey Shore. My same friend has a summer house there and I have fond memories going there to visit Stone Harbor. The smell of the ocean, the soft sand beaches, the soft shell crab. Our family stayed near Cape May in a town called Diamond Beach. I then said goodbye to my family who returned to LA and took Amtrak up to NYC (which was surprisingly cushy! Plugs near your seat and free WiFi!)

NYC was really fun. I did my dermatology residency there and lived there for 3 years. This was my 3rd trip back in the past 15 years, but the longest one. It all came back to me, the walking, the smell of subway exhaust, the drips of condensation from A/C units above, jaywalking. Love, love, love. Just couldn’t find those Greek coffee carts anywhere! I never ate alone, had lots of company from old friends and met up with a friend from LA.

Icing on the cake was the privilege of attending a Project Runway finale fashion show. It was really great. Love that show! In preparation, I stormed into Barneys in Beverly Hills. The saleswoman there said she’d never seen anyone make a decision and buy a dress so fast. (Hey, I know what I want and what looks good!). I also scored a pair of handmade Italian shoes 75% off in Soho. It was weird getting dressed up in evening wear at 9 in the morning! What a treat! I have a clip of that show to click on. I think I have an idea of who the winner will be. Luckily all 7 or 8 contestants got to show a full line, so the show was longer than I expected. My old friend Stephanie, who studied abroad with me in England during college, and I had a great time. A special thanks to Heidi Klum, her assistants Jen and Kate, and Katherine Meyer for making it all possible.

I had the chance to visit Scarsdale for the first time when I saw my cousin, aunt and uncle, who ironically are from LA, and had a beautiful dinner along the Hudson River. Nothing like seeing me sprint across Grand Central with one minute to spare to catch the train up there.

Miss the East Coast so much, but alas, my life is here. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere soon!

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