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BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Wrinkles and Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

BOTOX® | Santa Monica | PasadenaBOTOX® Cosmetic (Allergan) injections treat forehead, brow and crow's feet wrinkles and vertical lines of the neck. BOTOX® works by inhibiting involuntary muscle contraction, which worsens these wrinkles. Patients with excessive sweating can see a significant temporary reduction of their condition due to an inhibition of sweat gland secretions.

There is a reason why BOTOX® is so popular: it works well and can give dramatic improvement. Patients are often scared of BOTOX® due to bad publicity; however, it is a very safe treatment for cosmetic purposes. For decades, BOTOX® has been used safely for eye conditions. In addition, Dr. Shim has performed BOTOX® safely for over ten years. The following addresses common fears:

  1. "BOTOX® is deadly…"
    The bad BOTOX® stories involved use of unofficial botulinum toxin or very large quantities for non-cosmetic indications. We only purchase BOTOX® Cosmetic from Allergan and are very conservative in our usage. We are very careful where we inject BOTOX® and take our time doing so. Common side effects include a hive-like reaction at the injection sites, which can last for several hours. Complications for dermatologic use are extremely rare and temporary.
  2. "BOTOX® will make me look frozen…"
    The "frozen" look is often caused by too large of a dose or inappropriate placement. We strive to give you a natural look and use conservative dosing.
  3. "BOTOX® doesn't last…"
    It is true that BOTOX® usually lasts for three to four months. However, in our experience, we have observed longer results in many patients, particularly after multiple treatments. Many patients have wrinkles that never return to as bad as they were previously. Most of our BOTOX® cosmetic patients come in twice a year.

Please avoid usage of aspirin or non-steroidal inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen, naproxen), Vitamin E or fish oil supplements for at least one week before treatment to avoid unnecessary bruising if it is deemed safe by your primary care doctor.

For 48 hours following your injections, we recommend avoiding massage, facials, vigorous exercise that involves bending over (yoga) or jostling (such as jogging).

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