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Mohs Surgery & Skin Cancer

Learn more about Mohs Surgery and Skin Cancer and view frequently asked questions.

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Laser Services

Remove unwanted hair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness, acne and acne scars & more.

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Read more about Dr. Shim's techniques and up to date news on procedures!

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Laser Services

Laser Treatments for Redness, Brown Spots, Hair Removal, Scars, Acne and Stretch Marks

Dr. Shim has performed laser surgery for over a decade and has had special fellowship training in this area. Dr. Shim is the only person who will perform these treatments on you.

Laser for Redness and "Photofacials" for Skin Rejuvenation

Many patients complain about redness, broken vessels or capillaries, rosacea and brown splotching from sun damage that occurs on the face, neck and chest.

The Diolite KTP laser is used for treating the above conditions, as well as for non-ablative (no downtime, non-wounding) skin rejuvenation. The "photofacial" is a laser treatment that evens out the complexion by minimizing red and brown pigmentation, building collagen and improving texture and tone.

There are no side effects or downtime, and complications are extremely rare. For best results, at least 2 treatments are necessary, each performed 4-6 weeks apart.

For wrinkles or sagging, the fractionated carbon dioxide laser (known as "Fraxel®" or the SmartXide DOT laser) is a better alternative. In addition, some brown spots do better with this laser as well. Click here to learn more about this laser.

Lasers for Brown Spots

Brown spots are caused by sun damage, sun freckles (lentigines), aging skin, growths (seborrheic keratoses) or a combination of these factors. These are treated in our office with the KTP laser, the fractionated CO2 laser or cryotherapy, depending on the types of lesions present. Most patients undergo 2 or more treatments.

Melasma often responds better to a tailored topical skin care routine than lasers.

Laser for Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is ideal for dark hair. The darker, thicker and faster growing the hair, the better the lasers permanently remove hair, reduce their population or delay growth. Coarse hair, such as the armpits and bikini, generally responds very well. Fine, downy hairs, such as those on the mid upper lip and the outer cheeks, tend to be more stubborn. Lasers do not work on blonde or gray hair.

An ideal candidate is a patient with fair skin and dark, coarse, fast growing hairs. Sun exposure is incompatible with laser treatments, so we discourage patients who love to tan or spend a significant time in the sun. This is because the lasers work by targeting melanin, the brown pigment in your skin. If a patient is tan, there is a higher risk of skin injury. The Lumenis LightSheer™ Diode laser is an excellent hair removal laser. If you have a dark skin tone, you may opt to find a provider with an Nd-Yag laser, which we do not have. We still treat darker skin tones with the LightSheer, but you will need to undergo multiple test spots and the risk of complications is higher than in fair skinned patients.

Laser hair removal consults are free of charge. At the time of consultation, we will examine you, discuss expectations, side effects and possible complications, and perform a test spot. This test spot allows us to determine the right settings for you and to introduce how the treatment works. We will also quote you for the approximate cost of the treatments at that time. Some patients may have treatment the same day. Expect to have at least 5 to 7 or more treatments for the best results.

Treatments are well-tolerated because the LightSheer™ has a cooling device.

Laser for Scars Including Acne Scars

Red, white or raised scars can often improve significantly with laser treatments and a "tincture of time."

To treat red and raised scars, we use the Diolite KTP laser. For white scars, we use the fractionated CO2 laser (known as Fraxel®, or in our office, the DOT laser). Some scars need both lasers.

Expect at least 2 treatments and minimal to no downtime.

Laser for Acne

For patients with stubborn acne or significant red lesions, laser treatments can be a great alternative to Accutane and chronic prescription medication. In our experience, we have observed reduced redness, breakouts and oiliness with KTP laser treatments.

No one exactly knows why lasers help acne, but theories abound include antibacterial effects, reducing sebaceous gland activity, and decreasing redness and inflammation.

Expect at least 2 treatments and no downtime.

Lasers for Stretch Marks (Striae)

The Diolite KTP laser can treat red or pink stretch marks. The fractionated carbon dioxide laser (known as Fraxel®, or in our office, the SmartXide DOT laser) treats white stretch marks.

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