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Mohs Surgery & Skin Cancer

Learn more about Mohs Surgery and Skin Cancer and view frequently asked questions.

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Laser Services

Remove unwanted hair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness, acne and acne scars & more.

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Read more about Dr. Shim's techniques and up to date news on procedures!

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Additional Services

Removal of Moles, Cysts, Lipomas, Skin Tags, Age Spots and Other Lesions

Dr. Shim has much experience removing a variety of skin lesions, both large and small. These include, but are not limited to: moles, skin tags, cysts, lipomas, seborrheic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasia, milia and syringomas.

Depending on the types of lesions present, a variety of techniques may be used, including shaving, light electrocoagulation (burning), cryotherapy (freezing) and laser.

Cysts and lipomas are excised with as small of an incision as possible.

Leg Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy) with Asclera®

Many patients are bothered by spider or varicose veins and put off treatments for years. Nonetheless, safe, effective treatment is available.

The gold standard for treating spider veins of the legs remains sclerotherapy, or injections. Spider veins are treated in our office with at least two treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

After treatment, you should expect to wear elastic bandages (which may be removed off and on) for one week and minor bruising and discoloration for 4 to 6 weeks. Most patients, therefore, plan treatments accordingly, especially in the winter months. Expect eradication of some vessels, improvement of others and some non-responsive vessels. Non-responsive vessels often respond better during the touch-up treatments.

If you have leg pain, diabetes, poor circulation, poor healing due to underlying medical conditions or susceptibility to bleeding or infection, you may not be a candidate for this procedure.

Tumescent Liposuction

Liposuction is a safe, effective treatment for patients with mild excessive fat of the neck, arms, stomach, back, male chest, thighs and buttocks. Dr. Shim has specialized fellowship training in liposuction.

Dermatologists use tumescent techniques during liposuction to provide safe, effective anesthesia. This involves a large amount of diluted anesthesia, which is directly injected into the treated area, providing control of bleeding and a safe plane to aspirate the fat. Patients are not "put to sleep." Mild oral or injectable sedation may be used. Tiny incisions are made and blunt cannulas are used to remove fat. An elastic binder will be required to be worn for most of the day for at least a week.

Prior to the procedure, a general medical examination may be required. Patients with underlying medical conditions including, but not limited to, heart disease, diabetes and connective tissue disease may not be candidates for this procedure.

Verdure® Skin Care, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and other options

Sclerotherapy | Tumescent Liposuction | Microdermabrasion | Santa Monica | PasadenaDr. Shim created Verdure Botanoceuticals, a skin care product line that is the first dermatologist-developed line using effective natural ingredients to address the needs of aging and acne-prone skin. Verdure® is formulated for sensitive skin and is paraben- and propylene glycol-free.

Verdure® has been featured in magazines such as Allure, Lucky and Audrey, internet blogs such as, and New Beauty, and spa magazines such as Les Nouvelles Esthetique and MedEsthetics.

To learn about these products and where to buy them, please visit

Your skin care regimen will be tailored to your skin problems, current routine and budget. Suggestions often include over-the-counter products.

Other considerations for skin care include glycolic acid peels, microdermabrasion and Retin-A or Renova® cream. Dr. Shim can discuss the best options for you.

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